ARC Transport has the equipment to offer General Freight Cartage, Specialised Container Freight, Side Tipper and End Tipper operations and Water Tanker with Spray Bars capable of carrying Potable or Road water.
   Equipment and Resources:
  • 2 x 6964 FXC Western Star Prime Movers

  • International Transtar Prime Mover

  • AB Triple Side Tipper

  • Road Train Side Tipper

  • End Tipper

  • 40’ Flat Top Trailer with  20’ & 40’  with container pins

  • Step Deck Low loader with Ramps & 20’ container pins

  • Water Tanker with  Spray Bars  - 32,000 litres

  • 40 foot Single Deck Stock Crate

  • Loader 

   The Company Units Have Installed:
  • Load scales with immediate printout to record a safe and legal cartage weight according to NHVR guidelines.

  • IVMS tracking with MT Data Software to track and monitor units and provide the customer with data reporting 24/7.

  • On-board cameras with play back abilities to provide safe travel reporting.

  • Trailers with Container Pins.

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